Annabelle : Creation is going strong at the Indian box office every passing day.

Despite of Bareilly Ki Barfi and Toilet : Ek Prem Katha, Annabelle : Creation is going strong at the Indian box office every passing day. The movie started by collecting 2.5 crores in its paid previews till Thursday and then it collected 22.20 crores on its first weekend. After first Monday and Tuesday the movie stands with an amount of 29.65 crores at the Indian box office.

Check out the collection of Annabelle : Creation day by day.

Paid previews days (3days) : 2.5 crores

Friday : 5.00 crores

Saturday : 7.10 crores

Sunday : 7.60 crores

First Monday : 3.85 crores

First Tuesday : 3.60 crores.

Annabelle : Creation Box Office

The story of the movie is about a doll Annabelle which is possessed. In the first part we have already seen Annabelle but we don’t know the origin story of the doll. This movie will tell us the story of doll making and who was behind the making. It is a story of a woman who lose their daughter in an unfortunate accident. Eager to make a connection with their daughter’s spirit, the couple invokes a demonic being who then goes on to take possession of a doll and pursue its murderous intentions. While the couple does manage to contain the spirit, things take an awful turn when a group of orphans supervised by a nun, come to take residence with the old couple.

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Annabelle Creation is directed by Davis F. Sandberg and produced by Peter Safran and James Wan under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie also stars Lulu Wilson, Philippa Coulthard, Grace Fulton, Lou Lou Safran, Samara Lee, Tayler Buck and Miranda Otto.

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The first Annabelle was directed by John R. Leonetti which was prequel of sorts to James Wan ‘s The Conjuring, which featured the doll in opening scenes largely unconnected to the rest of the film. Annabelle was an origin story detailing how the spirit of a satanic cultist ended up in the already freakish toy, which by the end of The Conjuring is “safely” in a glass case in the archive of paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vere Farmiga). Or not.



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